Ray Kincaid Owner

Studio Style Training...What's the difference?
  • Our training method is very interactive. The trainer is right there in the mix, often working right along beside you. In a health club, most trainers will throw you on a strength machine or treadmill and may even walk away! This is NOT personal training. A studio workout also uses very little equipment. Single exercises will include multiple muscle groups and work more efficiently and effectively reducing the amount of time you need to spend working out. At Meta-Physiques all sessions are done in half hour increments.
The Boot Camp and CrossFit Fad:
  • Many boot camps and CrossFit programs have popped up in recent years. They can be a unique exercise experience, but be aware that in most cases, they are not tailored to the individual; they are done in groups among people of all fitness levels and should not be confused with personal training. If you have some orthopedic disorders, weaknesses, or simply haven't been active in a while, these workouts can wreak havoc on your body and often leave you discouraged.
    Meta-Physiques Inc. was founded in 1999. Owner Ray Kincaid wanted to create a unique alternative to the common health club or gym atmosphere. No memberships and no crowds... just true studio style 1 on 1 personal training in a calm, relaxed atmosphere. The methods are very diverse; borrowing principles from Strength Training, Pilates, and Cardio boxing just to name a few. The workouts are designed to be gentle on the joints yet very effective on strength, coordination and balance. The exercises are also kept diverse from session to session to avoid boredom.



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